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Design a new kitchen

Expressions Kitchen Design & Cabinetry is a place where you get help designing a new kitchen or replacing your countertops, cabinets, and lighting. To design a new kitchen, one that you never thought would be possible; you first need to look at what Expressions Kitchen Design & Cabinetry has to offer.

The staff here at Expressions Kitchen Design & Cabinetry give you professional insight while helping you to attain your overall goals. At Expressions Design we seek to design a new kitchen while keeping it cohesive with the rest of your home. We don’t want to  drastically change the feel of your home. We want your spaces, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, specialized cabinets, lighting, hardware, or countertops, to feel like your home after we are finished. We want you to be the creator, and we want to help create exactly what you have in mind.

Expressions Kitchen Design & Cabinetry is a one-woman design center.

Althea Clark works on an appointment basis so that she has time to answer your questions and determine what cabinets are best for your kitchen and lifestyle. She has the vision to suggest reasonable structural corrections and expansions. Since she works alone, she may not always be in the showroom. Althea will call you promptly to discuss your needs and help you articulate your vision. Once the plan is set, you will have all of your numbers before any work begins. Althea can refer you to a contractor for installation quotes, or work with your choice.

The contractor will visit your kitchen and determine the cost of removing the existing cabinets, electrical and plumbing tasks and other improvements you may want, such as recessed lights, flooring, and backsplash options. Expressions Kitchen Design & Cabinetry is also a General Electric appliance dealer.



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